Harmony In the Home

This is a transformative experience for the whole family.

This is an opportunity to create a strong foundation for you and your family, creating a vision of what you would like to experience together, clearing old patterns, programs, behaviours and ways of interacting that are no longer working for you and your family. 

We live in a busy world were a lot can be expected as well as the demands we put on ourselves. We juggle work, family and social commitments which doesn’t leave much time to stop, reflect or get clear on what we all need individually or as a family. 

During our time together I will help you to:

  • Create a family vision

  • Balance each person in the family to that vision

  • Identifying everyones needs and form a strategies to make that happen

  • Teaching techniques and remedies to help maintain balance and release stress

  • How to keep the energy in your home clear

  • How to deal with conflict and express emotions in a healthy assertive way

  • Creating a goal for the couple

  • Finding Balance: self care, time for children, partner and identifying what each relationship needs.

  • Release old programs from our own upbringing allowing us to parent in a way that works for us.

Also included:

  • Diffuser

  • 3 Aromatherapy

  • Rescue Remedy

  • Crystal programmed for the house

  • House Clearing

Investment for your Family $5,000

Payment plans available

To find out more about Harmony in the Home you can schedule a Free Discovery Session 30 minutes


Over the past twelve months, I have employed Marissa’s skills as a kinesiologist and facilitator of
healing to create a life of freedom and peace for both myself and my family.

I have four children, we have gone from a place of hurt, confusion, anger, aggressive communication, time of
frustration, most of us being depressed and/or unhappy to now where we have ALL made steps
(and continue to do so) towards being peaceful, loving, powerful, open and connected with each
other. It really is delightful to reflect on how we have changed both as individuals and as a

Marissa’s loving and firm way of communicating and creating a safe space is incredible. Marissa
has an ability to cut to the chase and yet supported us to do things at our own pace. Marissa is
intelligent with her work and is able to connect the esoteric with the practical in a down to earth
and totally relatable way.
EVERY person, without fail, that I have recommended and subsequently utilised Marissa’s
services have come back to me raving about how she has helped them, either as a one off but
more often than not, on an ongoing basis.
Harmony In the Home was a program that took commitment and courage on our part as a family
to undertake. In fact, the third child was reluctant and then refused to take part in the family
sessions after a little while. However, he has still had benefits from the work that his siblings and
I did.
I highly recommend Marissa’s program of Harmony In the Home as it is thorough, long lasting
and profound and has way outshone the work we, as a family and individuals, have done with
various psychologists and counsellors over the previous 10+ years.
— Rachael Forbes, Queensland