Inner Pilgrimage

3 months Intuitive Coaching

We live in amazing times where we are able to create wonderful change in our lives by restructuring our own inner world and releasing perceptions, old programs and limiting thoughts that no longer serve us. The way we interact and feel about ourselves come from experiences we have had growing up, from the beliefs and viewpoints of significant people that surrounded us as well as behaviours and ways of thinking that has been passed down genetically.

We all have the opportunity to step into a life that we are passionate about, if we are willing to do the inner work, releasing resistance, overcoming fear and letting go of limiting paradigms that can hold us all back.

This 3-month journey is an interactive experience and you will be asked to take steps to participate in your own transformation, this allows each person to know that they are their own power rather than placing it outside of themselves. 
Throughout this time I will help to facilitate the process but ultimately you will create the change and begin to understand you are your own gift to yourself and the creator of your own experience.

In these sessions we will explore whatever is needed to bring you more fully into alignment with who you truly are.

  • Awaken your intuition and learn how to use it daily to receive guidance

  • How to work with your guides (soul family ) and higher self

  • See how your beliefs create your experience and how the manifestation process works

  • Create healthy relationships with yourself & others

  • Stepping into who you really are in a grounded and practical way.

  • Past Life clearing to help you understand past & current relationships & heal yourself

  • Weekly sessions 1.5 hours

  • Personal Crystal activated for a specific goal

  • Intuitive readings

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For more information your welcome to book a free 30 minute Discovery session.

Investment  $3,500

Payment plans available.


I just completed the Inner Pilgrimage with Marisa. I absolutely loved everything about this program.
Marisa guided me through the program with so much love and sincerity. Assisting me to gain many different insights to myself, my experiences both past and present, how to deal and cope in certain aspects of life. She helped to clear a lot of old patterns and beliefs and helped me to understand the importance of being grounded and how To distinguish my energy from other people’s.
Marisa gave me the tools to look at this wonderful journey of life with a whole new perspective while not getting lost in the confines of the collective.
I really enjoyed learning about tarot and angel cards too.
Marisa has a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend her and her services, especially this
— Bec Fusha
I’ve just completed the inner pilgrimage course with Marissa. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last three months. I am perfect the way I am, and very comfortable in my own skin, and I’m ok with that. I can actually look myself in the mirror with a huge smile!!! Go me. thank you for pushing me forward and holding my hand and guiding me with your wisdom xx
— Alison Lyons

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