Inner Pilgrimage Spiritual

3 Month Coaching Program

Remember Who you Are

Welcome to the Inner Pilgrimage Coaching program !!

This spiritual coaching program is drawing on the experience, training, personal & spiritual development I have gone through over the last 29 years.
As I began my own journey I had big ideas & goals for myself, I knew who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve but I had no idea what it would mean or the dedication or discipline that would be required.
There were many, many, many times I wanted to give up and a lot of the time I saw no outside changes, I was addressing every area of my life because of where I had come from and basically had to start from scratch.
I was so desperate to feel better and I was prepared to do whatever it took to go beyond it all.
Most of the time I felt disconnected, unsure & unhappy with who I was and my life in general. Somewhere inside of me I knew there was more to this life that what I was seeing around wasn’t it.

My vision was too become comfortable & confident with who I am, not only the positive aspect but also my shadow self, I wanted to be connected to my intuition and live a life that I loved.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one and a lot of the time I really didn’t have a plan, sometimes I had teachers and mentors that guided me and other times I was pretty much finding my own way.
I am grateful for this journey it been difficult, overwhelming but the rewards have out weighted all of that and allowed me to create an amazingly fulfilling life.

I have had so many experiences in that time which now allow me to assist others who would like to create a deeper connection to their true self, trust their intuition and begin to understand & know that we create our own experiences through our beliefs and most of all anything can be changed.

Each week we will spend 1 hour together either in person or by Skype: in this time I will help you to get clear on your own vision working with Kinesiology & Sacred Activation to clear the path and align you to your goals.

Through this program you will :

  • Discover your vision and become aligned to it.

  • Understand how the Manifestation Process works and I will show you how to clear blockages for yourself.

  • How to create Boundaries: Energetic, Personal & Spiritual.

  • How to create a Sacred Space at home.

  • Emotions: How they help us to understand and connect more deeply to our belief system and our spiritual self.

  • Personal Development and how to gain a deeper understanding yourself through Oracle or Tarot Cards.

  • Remedies, Tools and Techniques to help you stay balanced and supported on your Journey.

  • Shadow work, how to integrate your shadow to become whole.

  • Connecting with your soul family & Animal medicine

  • Create a Vision board

  • 1 hour weekly sessions to help you get clear on your vision and clear the way so you can Live a life you love.

This program will give you an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deep level, moving through limiting thinking and helping you to understand anything is possible.

Investment  $3,500

Payment plans $3,850 Over 6 months

Deposit $500 weekly payments of $140 per week


I just completed the Inner Pilgrimage with Marisa. I absolutely loved everything about this program.
Marisa guided me through the program with so much love and sincerity. Assisting me to gain many different insights to myself, my experiences both past and present, how to deal and cope in certain aspects of life. She helped to clear a lot of old patterns and beliefs and helped me to understand the importance of being grounded and how To distinguish my energy from other people’s.
Marisa gave me the tools to look at this wonderful journey of life with a whole new perspective while not getting lost in the confines of the collective.
I really enjoyed learning about tarot and angel cards too.
Marisa has a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend her and her services, especially this
— Bec Fusha
I’ve just completed the inner pilgrimage course with Marissa. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last three months. I am perfect the way I am, and very comfortable in my own skin, and I’m ok with that. I can actually look myself in the mirror with a huge smile!!! Go me. thank you for pushing me forward and holding my hand and guiding me with your wisdom xx
— Alison Lyons