As parents we want the best for our kids, we want them to be confident, enjoy life and ultimately reach their full potential.

Kinesiology is a great way to work with kids, it is a gentle and non invasive way to gain a deeper insight and understanding into how our children are feeling and what is needed to bring them back to feeling balanced, calm and happy again.

In a session our focus is on the positive changes we would like them to experience rather than what is wrong or not working,  this allows each child an opportunity to feel good about themselves in the process and look forward to the changes ahead.

Kinesiology is great to help children with:

  • Sleep problems

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Allergies

  • Bullying

  • Lack of Self Esteem/Confidence

  • Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, Fear

  • Starting daycare, kinder, primary or high school

  • Boosting immune system


The initial session is an hour, this will help to get clarity on what we will be working on and also to explain how kinesiology works, after that each session is 45mins. It can sometimes takes between 1-3 session for a particular issue to be cleared depending on how long it has been going on for. I sometimes work with both the parent and the child as patterns & programmed responses can also developed as a response to the child's challenge, through working with both the parent and the child we are able to start to create new ways of experiencing the issue allowing the change to be quicker and more effective.


0-12 years old  : 1 hour $110

13-18 years old : 1 hour $130

Bookings: 04 396 10991


When making a booking please click on the photo link below to fill out the new Client Forms, Thank you. 


Thank you Marissa for your help with our son Eli. What a difference in confidence not only in his everyday participation in school but also at the beach in the waves. He has gone from a real fear of any type of wave to happily jumping about and loving the time he spends there, this has made such a difference to the whole family as we have always loved spending time together at the beach but his fear was really holding him back from fully enjoying that time. He has also turned a corner at school and flown through the second half of the year with a change that has been noticed by his teacher also, we are so proud of his achievements due to his improvements in concentration and confidence which are two of the things we worked on with you.”
Candice, Currumbin Waters Queensland
My son suffered suffered separation anxiety he would cry every time I was out of sight and would do the same with his family daycare carer. My son was 8 months old at the time, through the session Marissa was able to identify the reason for the anxiety and when it started Marissa worked her magic and after one session my son was a different child. That afternoon my older children arrived home as he was off doing he own thing, when usually he would be siting at my feet playing or crying. When I took him to daycare the carer couldn’t believe the change in his behaviour either. I am a huge fan of Kinesiology and tell all my family and friends and recommend Kinesiology and Marissa to everyone.”
Tracey, Elanora Queensland
As many are I was unsure and unaware of the advantages to kinesiology,
We meet the lovely Marissa through a good friend that for years had advised me to visit! I guess as life is so busy it didn’t happen, till my beautiful daughter’s happenings were more than I could cope😳so I contacted Marissa. From day 1 not just an amazing professional relaxed atmosphere , but my daughter clung to her happy positive open nature!( if she gets a bad day she wants to talk to Marissa)
Then if I had not witnessed with my own eyes our first session I probably would not have believed, but she was able to go so deep and clear so many of my daughters sadnesses,( that as a mumma had tried)
And we have had such success in happy positive, friendships ! And so much more! We believe in this wonderful women , whom me and hubby have also seen!
So happy to recommend Marissa! I’m just so glad she’s in our life, it’s like a secret weapon, I think it’s all ok! And if not I can call Marissa 😘 lol, love and light x
S.K Gold Coast Queensland
It is with thanks and love that I have crossed paths with Marissa and had the opportunity to continue my journey of healing and growth. I started by taking my daughter along to help her with anxieties and build her self confidence, she has transformed in front of my eyes into an energetic, confident and sparkling young lady. She is enjoying life again and getting out and about living life! I then decided to get Marissa’s help guide me to become a happier and more in the present person, I have set goals and even exceeded my own expectations. Thanks for helping me find myself again so my journey in this world is full, fun and happy and for helping my daughter find her self worth and inner happiness. xx
Sophie Boyles, Gold Coast Queensland