I believe we are here to live a life we Love, to share our unique talents and gifts with the world and to Celebrate ourselves exactly as we are. 

- Marissa Miccoli


Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Inner Pilgrimage is a three month Spiritual mentoring program that is designed to help you reconnect with who you truly are, awaken and understand your intuition more deeply and help you to align your goals to your soul enabling you to live a life you love & be more connected to your life’s purpose.

Working together I will help you to:

  • Awaken your intuition and learn how to use it daily

  • Create healthy relationships with yourself & others

  • Stepping into who you really are in a grounded and practical way.

  • Align yourself to your souls goals


Intuitive Kinesiology 

Sometimes in life we can feel stuck, overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to deal with what is happening for us, we can lack clarity, direction, enthusiasm and become disconnected not only from ourselves but the world around us. Intuitive Kinesiology is great way to turn things around and also gain deeper insight into who we are, our triggers and how to go beyond them.

In these session I also offer intuitive insight if that is needed or will prompt you to connect with you own inner knowing if that is more in alignment with your inner development and your souls growth. This way you are empowered and understand that you also have the answers within.

Soul Intuitive Readings

I absolutely love Oracle & Tarot and use as a tool to tap into my intuition and help me to gain clarity on any situation.

My readings style is interactive and helps to empower my clients to make positive decisions and changes by understanding themselves more deeply.

The readings are focused on gaining insight from the subconscious & higher self which offers clarity, a higher perspective, practical strategies & solutions. In a reading I also clear energetic blocks or beliefs where needed to help get you back on track and in alignment with yourself.