What can Kinesiology help with?

Have you ever felt like you’ve read all the self help books have done all the positive affirmations and nothing is really changing?
Do you feel like there is more to life but your not to sure how to make it happen? Do you feel like your relationships with others go through the same issues without being resolved or attracting the same situation over and over again that isn’t bringing you joy?
If you answer yes to any of these questions I totally understand because I too have been there, I had spent many, many years reading inspirational books attending workshops etc and although they all have been helpful and have there place I still felt like I wasn’t seeing the changes I was looking for.

When I was introduced to kinesiology I began to see why my life wasn’t changing in the ways I wanted it too, I saw that my past was affecting my present, not in a conscious way but deep down subconsciously, I realised I had many underlying fears about change and how that change would then affect my life, so as I began to acknowledge and work through them I began to I understand why all the positive thinking hadn’t worked and that was because I wasn’t addressing the underlying issues in my life.

Kinesiology has the ability through muscle testing (bio-feedback) to find out what is really going on under the surface and how we can clear these old limiting ways, sabatoge program’s, genetic tendencies, etc, not only in the mind but on a body level also, kinesiology uses different tools to do this and can create breakthroughs in many areas of your life, some of the techniques we use to do this are acupressure points, meridian massage, visualisation techniques, nutritional awareness, flower essence therapy, cranial corrections aromatherapy and much more.
We also look at the whole person in regards to addressing any issues a person may have, this includes the physical (structure) physiological (emotional, mental, spiritual) environmental and biochemical ( nutritional), it is a fast an effective way to create change with any issue in your life.

We live in a busy world were a lot can be expected of us as well as the demands we put on ourselves. We juggle work, family and social commitments which doesn’t leave much time to just stop and reflect or get clear on what it is that we want in life.
Kinesiology is a really great way to find out what’s really going on under all the stress and most importantly how to deal effectively with it.
If you feel you are ready to make a change in any area of your life come and book a session and see how it can help you create positive change like it has for me.

Kinesiology can help with many different areas in life :

Relationship issues
Inner direction / Career
Confidence / Self Esteem
Parenting Issues
Enhance Learning Abilities
Goals / Motivation
Health / Wellbeing


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