Intuitive Kinesiology Sessions

Intuitive Kinesiology

Are you feeling stuck, confused or just unmotivated in your life at the moment, are you needing clarity with your direction in work or within your relationships?

Intuitive Kinesiology is a unique combination of kinesiology, intuitive insight, belief clearing & aligning you to your goals & desires.

In each session I work intuitively with my higher self & guides to help you gain clear perspective and give you practical solutions to any challenges you maybe experiencing. 

I use a combination of Kinesiology (muscle testing ), Tarot / Oracle cards & Sacred activations, to identify blockages, release limiting beliefs and align you to your desires & goals.
Throughout a session I will also help you to connect in with your own inner wisdom allowing you to access a broader perspective on your situation giving you the opportunity to feel empowered & back on track with your life.

Intuitive Kinesiology sessions can help with:

  • Releasing Trauma

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Business Blockages

  • Life Purpose & Inner Direction

  • Reconnecting with your Intuition

  • Transitioning through a divorce or end of a relationship.

  • Major turning points in life

  • Loss of a loved one

Modalities that I work with are:

  • Sacred Activations

  • Oracle/ Tarot cards

  • Past life regression

  • Flower therapy

  • Finding your animal medicine

  • Soul Retrieval

60 minute Sessions : $170

Package 2 x 60 minutes sessions for $300 (Save $40)

Bookings : 04 396 10991

Intuitive Coaching Program

I’m am now offering an Intuitive coaching program that will run over 3 or a 6 month period.
I will be connecting to my higher self & guides to help you connect to your souls goals in whatever area you would like to create positive change in.

In each session I will use a combination of Kinesiology (muscle testing), working intuitively and use different clearing techniques. Together we will look at blockages you may have, where they come from and what strategies, remedies or action is needed to help you move forward.

This will be different to the Inner Pilgrimage journey as it’s main focus is on Coaching.

This will be weekly 1 hour sessions either in person or by Skype.

I will be offering this for only a few people at a time
as holding the space for 3 months does require more energy than my 1:1 sessions.

The Investment will be $1,750 Payment plan available for 3 or 6 months

If you make your payment upfront it will be $1500 save $250.

If you are interested, would love to have a chat with you to see if we would be a good match in working together.✨


I have been lucky enough to have had a few kinesiology sessions with Marissa, she is a professional, experienced, understanding woman, and we as a family have experienced great results... Well done Marissa xx”
Helen. S, Melbourne Victoria

”Marissa has opened my mind to the incredible healing work of Kinesiology. My personal experience with her work has been incredible and has allowed me to release the negative and embrace every opportunity life has to offer. The healing I received with kinesiology has removed all blocks, doubts, and insecurities that were holding me back and now I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I love. I have Marissa to thank for everything.”
Liv Delinicolis, Gold Coast Queensand

”It is with thanks and love that I have crossed paths with Marissa and had the opportunity to continue my journey of healing and growth. I started by taking my daughter along to help her with anxieties and build her self-confidence, she has transformed in front of my eyes into an energetic, confident and sparkling young lady. She is enjoying life again and getting out and about living life! I then decided to get Marissa’s help guide me to become a happier and more in the present person, I have set goals and even exceeded my own expectations. Thanks for helping me find myself again so my journey in this world is full, fun and happy and for helping my daughter find her self-worth and inner happiness. xx”
Sophie Boyles, Gold Coast Queensland

“Marissa is a professional and truly gifted therapist who works with you intuitively to get amazing and very fast results.
I was very fortunate to have Marissa as a therapist, with her unique gifts applied, we were able to shift many blocks which were stopping me from moving forward in life.
Marissa went where no other therapist could ever go, and as she works purely from the heart and not ego, the transformation in me was evident.
I do recommend that you engage Marissa as your therapist.
Helen Herfurth, Gold Coast Queensland”

“Marissa is a fabulous practitioner & I have always found our sessions to be very powerful. The last few sessions I had I also listened to a sacred activation & found this helped to bring insights & shifts on a whole other level. I would definitely recommend them but I think for the most benefit they are best coupled with a session with Marissa”.
S.J. Melbourne, Victoria

“Thank you, Marissa, for your help with our son Eli. What a difference in confidence not only in his everyday participation in school but also at the beach in the waves. He has gone from a real fear of any type of wave to happily jumping about and loving the time he spends there, this has made such a difference to the whole family as we have always loved spending time together at the beach but his fear was really holding him back from fully enjoying that time. He has also turned a corner at school and flown through the second half of the year with a change that has been noticed by his teacher also, we are so proud of his achievements due to his improvements in concentration and confidence which are two of the things we worked on with you.”
Candice, Currumbin Waters Queensland.

“My son suffered separation anxiety he would cry every time I was out of sight and would do the same with his family daycare career. My son was 8 months old at the time, through the session Marissa was able to identify the reason for the anxiety and when it started Marissa worked her magic and after one session my son was a different child. That afternoon my older children arrived home as he was off doing he own thing when usually he would be sitting at my feet playing or crying. When I took him to daycare the carer couldn’t believe the change in his behavior either. I am a huge fan of Kinesiology and tell all my family and friends and recommend Kinesiology and Marissa to everyone.”
Tracey, Elanora Queensland

”I absolutely enjoyed this easy, straight forward, practical workshop with Marissa. I learnt so much about myself and where my blocks were in attracting the right clients and could help. Setting boundaries, having clear expectations, goals along with doing the energy clearing work was the key. It helped me to release doubts, fears, thinking I had to do all the work, & letting go of the outcome and allowing others to take responsibility.
I went from only around 6 clients per month to 6-8 per week consistently and attracting two perfect clinics for me to work from. I have been wanting this for 4 years and now my dream is finally a reality.
I am grateful for Marissa sharing her wisdom and creating this fantastic course for practitioners, enabling us to do what we love, earning income, & being in service all in one.”
Jacinta Howard, Melbourne Victoria

”Jacinta and Marissa are both experienced and authentic healers who are passionate about energy work and enjoy helping people feel better in all spheres of life.
They are highly skilled, and intuitively able to assist with emotional release work and energy balancing, to enhance peace and harmony - personally and in relationships.
I recently attended their workshop which was well presented, comprehensive and tailored to the needs of individual participants. Their personal caring approach and fresh teaching style assisted my understanding and also facilitated insights. I’ve already integrated many of the practical energy clearing techniques and am noticing beneficial changes in my sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.
I unreservedly recommend them as enthusiastic co-presenters and also individual healing practitioners. I am deeply grateful for them sharing their collective wisdom so enthusiastically and also for offering ongoing support as necessary.
Helen, Melbourne Victoria

Hi Marissa, thank you sooooo much for your amazing kinesiology healing on Monday 😃 OMG what a massive difference to both of us, the clearing was magic and Sunshine has been so much more mobile and definitely has her Mojo back, can’t thank you enough for the difference you have made for both of us. I can even talk about her without crying now.
”Niki Logan, Queensland”