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A little bit about me.

Hi my name is Marissa and I am an Intuitive Empath, which means I am able to feel deeply into the emotions & perceptions of the people around me as if they were my own. This hasn't been an easy journey especially in my personal life but as I began to understand my abilities I began to see how I can use my intuitive gifts to facilitate transformation and help my client to discover what is happening on a deeper level and to assist in creating positive change in their lives.

Growing up my life was filled with many challenges both in my home environment and school life, as I reached my late teens and early 20’s  I found myself struggling with most areas in my life.

I had no confidence and my self esteem was extremely low which lead to unhealthy relationships as well as holding myself back from new opportunities and experiences that would of been beneficial, most of the time I felt stuck, unhappy and my life lacked joy.

When I was introduced to kinesiology I began to see why my life wasn’t changing in the ways I had hoped it would, I saw that my past was still having an impact on my present not in conscious way but deep down subconsciously.  I realised I had many underlying fears,  and ways of thinking  that were all affecting my life, as I began to acknowledge and work to understand and clear the blockages I began to see why all the positive thinking alone hadn’t worked, there was old trauma that was stuck in my body and beliefs about myself that where hidden in my subconscious that were holding me back.

I was surprised to find through kinesiology a very quick and grounded way to work through all of this. I began to gain more clarity into myself and with that came more confidence which lead to making better choices. I was amazed at how accurate the muscle testing was not only to identify where and when the issue first began but what was needed to clear this on a body/mind level.

Things began shifting for me on a deep level like I hadn’t experience before and with that came a new way of relating to myself and the world around me in a much more positive way.

My life has changed in many wonderful ways since completing my Diploma in Kinesiology. I have also gone on to complete a Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix and have recently become a Master Practitioner in Sacred Activations. All of these amazing modalities have helped me to release aspects of my past that held me back and has enabled me to live my life more fully, it has shown me ways to reach more of my full potential as well as helping to assist others to do the same.

My work prior to Kinesiology was working in the Childcare industry as well as completing a Diploma in Steiner Education. I now enjoy bringing these two areas of work together to help both children and their parents to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of each other as well as addressing underlying issues a child maybe experiencing. Kinesiology is a great way to bring balance back into the child’s life allowing them to enjoy the fun and freedom of childhood again as well as helping the parents to understand and connect more deeply to their child.


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